We create unique bespoke garden spaces and designs tailored to our client’s needs.

Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE create unique bespoke garden spaces and designs tailored to our client’s needs, desires and preferences.


Whilst Balconies are a key focus for us, we also create designs for courtyards, small gardens and patios.

We handle everything for you!
  • Project Management
  • Design and Preparation
  • Full Installation
  • Balcony Gardens
  • Sensory Gardens
  • Courtyard Gardens
  • Patio Gardens
  • Pop Up Gardens
  • Event Hire Staging
  • Property Sale Staging
Balcony Gardens Melbourne for Bespoke Designs for Unique Garden Spaces - Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE
Sensory Gardens - stimulating the senses

Sensory Gardens to Enjoy

Sensory gardens strive to maximize the sensory impact that the garden has on its visitors. Sensory gardens can be themed, divided into sections, or presented as a whole. Sensory gardens are user-friendly and encourage garden guests to touch, taste, admire, and listen.

Why choose us?

Our team will work closely with you to discover your preferred look and style. We will then design and create a unique tailored space for you.  We will also source suitable pieces and plants for your design.  You may already have special pieces from your own collection and we encourage adding these to your design.

Once we have finished your creation, our team will install your newly created space.  We will also work closely with you so you understand how to care for your special space, however for our busy clients, we also offer an on-going maintenance service.

Our Team

Our team has years’ of experience creating unique spaces for others to enjoy, ranging from purely outdoor garden settings, small balcony and courtyard spaces through to indoor/outdoor room styles.

Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE also provides a hire service for events, property sale and popup gardens.  We will create a unique bespoke design for you based on your needs and then hire out our items for the duration of your project. We will provide maintenance of our design during the period of hire according to the time frame.

Please contact us to discuss your project.

Creating Unique Bespoke Garden Spaces & Designs

... for you to enjoy