Do you need a balcony garden designed in Melbourne?

We are Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE, a boutique studio based in Melbourne Victoria, that provides individually tailored and created bespoke garden designs and spaces.

We handle everything for you!
  • Project Management
  • Design and Preparation
  • Full Installation
  • Balcony Gardens
  • Sensory Gardens
  • Courtyard Gardens
  • Patio Gardens
  • Pop Up Gardens
  • Event Hire Staging
  • Property Sale Staging

Balcony Gardens, Patio Gardens, Courtyards & Small Gardens

Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE create bespoke designs to add warmth, depth and appeal to your home.

Specialising in creating unique and tailored space to suit your needs and desires. Enjoy your outdoor space in any season!

When designed well, garden and balcony spaces expand your living and relaxing areas within your home or apartment. They also provide somewhere peaceful to read a book or enjoy time with friends and family.

Clients with budget constraints are also considered. We can create designs that evolve over time rather than a complete installation in one go.

As the seasons change, so do your plants. We offer suitable solutions to keep your special space continuously inviting for you to enjoy.

Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE also have a maintenance division. We can assist you in keeping your special space in peak condition.

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Balcony Gardens Melbourne for Bespoke Designs for Unique Garden Spaces - Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE

Sensory Gardens to Enjoy

Sensory gardens strive to maximize the sensory impact that the garden has on its visitors. Sensory gardens can be themed, divided into sections, or presented as a whole. Sensory gardens are user-friendly and encourage garden guests to touch, taste, admire, and listen.