Balcony Gardens - Balcony, Patio, Courtyard & Small Gardens

Balcony Gardens, Patio Gardens, Courtyards & Small Gardens

Bespoke balcony designs to add warmth, depth and appeal to your home.

Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE create bespoke balcony designs to add warmth, depth and appeal to your home. We specialise in creating a unique tailored space to suit your needs and desires, so you can enjoy your outdoor space in any season.

Our design team work closely with you to understand what your style and preferred look is. We will also determine the weather conditions your balcony is exposed to, so we can ensure we select suitable items for your design. We like working with new and old material, which also makes our creations truly unique. We encourage our clients to also provide pieces from their own collection.

Balcony spaces, when designed well, expand your living and relaxing areas within your home or apartment and they also provide somewhere peaceful to read a book or enjoy time with friends and family.

For clients with budget constraints, we create designs that evolve over time rather than a complete installation in one go.

We also recognise that as the seasons change, so do your plants, so we offer suitable solutions to keep your special space continuously inviting for you to enjoy.

We also have a maintenance division should you require help with your special space.