Urban Spaces - Balcony Gardens

Urban Spaces

Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE create bespoke designs for your urban space. Urban spaces vary according to their size, daylight exposure and wind conditions. We will work with you to help determine suitable creations for your unique urban space. Our style team specialise in transforming bland and unremarkable spaces into bespoke designs for you to relax, enjoy, and unwind.

We utilise a variety of materials and particularly enjoy creating our designs from recycled goods, which not only helps with our environment, it also means our designs remain unique and tailored to our clients’ needs. We encourage our clients to also provide pieces from their own collection.

For clients with budget constraints, we create designs that evolve over time rather than a complete installation in one go.

We also recognise that as the seasons change so do your plants, so we can offer suitable solutions to keep your special space continuously inviting for you to enjoy.

We also have a maintenance division should you require help with your special space.