Creating Bespoke Balcony Garden Designs
Bespoke Designs for Unique Garden Spaces - Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE

Balcony Gardens by DEEPDALE is a new business we’re proud to introduce to you. We specialise in creating unique bespoke garden spaces and designs tailored to our clients’ needs.  Deepdale farm holds a very special place in our hearts and means so much to us in so many ways, which is why I wanted its name to feature in our business.  Please let me share some of the special reasons why Deepdale is so important to us.

Deepdale is located on the banks of the Goulburn river in Victoria. It is a magical property that means so much to Graeme and I.  As you enter the drive the peaceful tranquillity just oozes warmth and welcomes you with open arms so you instantly relax.  The garden at Deepdale is heaven and has been created over many years by Jenny and Charlie, my dear Auntie and Uncle, who we love very much.

Jenny is who I credit for introducing me to my love of gardening and creativity.   The garden at Deepdale has inspired me to create beautiful spaces as Jenny does.  We have been blessed to have had many wonderful holidays at Deepdale and shared many memorable times with Jenny and Charlie in the garden.

Deepdale has amazing vistas of the nearby hills and ranges that change colour as the daylight and clouds pass over.  The river has lovely curving banks carved by the strong river flow. In places there are sandy pebble beaches to enjoy a splash or swim.  Platypus, fresh water crays and a bounty of fish enjoy the river and we’ve also seen a pelican having a paddle too!

There are stunning paddocks to walk through and enjoy the surrounding views or to just sit and soak up the nature.  The beautiful gums with silvery bark look magical after rainfall, especially when the leaves dance in the breeze and shimmer their silvery green glow.  There are rocky outcrops in one particular paddock and the colours through the rocks are strikingly beautiful.

Then there are plenty of native animals to watch and enjoy, especially the wombat that comes out during the day and the possum antics in the oak tree at night.  The birdlife is varied throughout the garden and the surrounding farm and listening to the many songs and seeing the variety of colours is truly amazing.

Charlie has his beautiful herd of Charolais cattle that he has been breeding for many years.  Charolais are a strong, sturdy French breed, their creamy coats contrast beautifully with the surrounding colours of the bush.  Graeme and I have spent many hours sitting in the paddocks with them and enjoying the individual behaviours the cows and calves exhibit.

The tranquillity and peace at Deepdale is so nurturing and enjoyable to experience, a special place in so many ways and a true inspiration for the creativity we want to share with you.